Chef Monnanni

Marco Monnanni, Chef of Bacco Trattoria, taps into ages of ancestral Italian cooking.  Each time Chef Marco is in the kitchen, he brings a rich love of the cuisine that he has so skillfully learned through the years.  Born in Rome, Central Italy, Monnanni was a restaurant apprentice at age 14 in Rome, making fresh pasta and other specialities by hand; he later attended hotel school in Verona, Italy.  

Monnanni's creative talent drew him to restaurants in northern and southern Italy.  Chef Monnanni honed his skills in international kitchens in Switzerland, Germany and later in New York City and Las Vegas.  He also was chef and partner at Antica Roma, Pane e Vino and Acqua Pazza in Boulder, Colorado.  A man with a sweet smile, Monnanni speaks Italian, English and Spanish and has a passion for skiing.


Bacco Trattoria

Bacco Trattoria is a unique restaurant offering a relaxed atmosphere and authentic Italian food and beverage. The decor is soft and traditional, but still carries a theme of Italian culture. Boulder is a city known for its trendy atmosphere and we compliment that with our unique Mozzarella Bar, one of the few open in the United States. We pride ourselves in bringing the first one to the city and reinforcing the culture that is Boulder, Colorado. 

We invite you to come and experience for yourself, our unique celebration of Italy.